Shouma is one of the main characters/lead supporting characters of the series. He is a second year student and a friend and classmate of Keiki.

He later starts going out with Ootori Koharu.

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Shouma is a very good-looking guy and is liked by a lot of girls. He has blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform.

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Shouma is a cool and friendly guy. He has a very close and playful relationship with Keiki and is good at giving advice about girls. He is popular with girls throughout the school however he is not interested in any of them. He is only interested in Lolitas (lolis) and he describes himself as a practitioner of the way of the Lolita.

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Keiki Kiryuu Edit

Shouma is Keiki's best friend and is his first choice when looking for advice. They have a funny and trusting relationship as they often joke around with each other and feel comfortable talking about their troubles. They are usually seen hanging around together and sitting together during lunch. Shouma wants to help Keiki in figuring out who the mystery "Cinderella" girl is, which is him.

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It is shown that he has turned into a lolicon due to a traumatic experience with his older twin sisters, Yuuhi and Asahi, who painted chocolate on their bodies before surprising him on Valentine's Day. This combined with their constant playing around with him caused him to avoid girls older than him (with the exception of Koharu), turning him into a lolicon.he sweats like a monkey hibernating

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