Sayuki Tokihara (朱鷺原 紗雪, Tokihara Sayuki) is one of the main characters of the series. She is a third year student and the Calligraphy Club's President.

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She is an attractive and beautiful girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes. She has large breasts and thicc thighs and is a very mature looking girl. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform and having a red headband.

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On the outside she is a mature upperclassman, with a playful attitude and kind spirit. She enjoys calligraphy and tends to make a huge mess whenever she is writing. She always seems to be at odds with Yuika and teases/picks on her, the same goes both ways.

However deep down Sayuki is actually a huge masochistic pervert. She has a fetish for being dominated and wants Keiki (whom she likely holds feelings towards) to make her his pet. She proclaimed that she was envious of a dog and owner whom she interacted with as she wants to have that master servant/owner pet relationship with Keiki.

In the light novel, it is shown that Sayuki actually does not enjoy doing calligraphy, but enjoys the company of the her upperclassmen and underclassmen in the Calligraphy Club. This is why she is protective of the Calligraphy Club and was adamant in finding a new member for it to not shut down.

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Keiki Kiryuu Edit

Sayuki cares for Keiki's well-being as she was concerned for him when she stated he had bags under his eyes and seemed tired (she said this half jokingly as a playback to the day before when Keiki said the same thing to her). They share a friendly and playful relationship and both display that sort of upperclassman/underclassman relationship in a playful manner.
Sayuki The M-pet

Sayuki wearing a dog collar for Keiki

After Keiki saved the Calligraphy Club from being shut-down, Sayuki became grateful of him and throughout their time together alone in the club, she seems to have gained 'twisted' romantic feelings for him. She was envious of the relationship of a dog and its owner and requests for Keiki to pat/stroke her hair. This is revealed to be her perverted 'secret' which is for Keiki to become her owner/master and goes as far as to wear a collar and lead. Keiki is reluctant to accept Sayuki's Masochistic request.

Sayuki teases Keiki by doing perverted things to seduce him and showing her masochistic side in his presence. For instance dressing up as a maid.

In the light novel, it is shown that she had started to develop genuine feelings for Keiki, which was shown when Keiki said that he enjoyed the company of the Student Council instead of her and the Calligraphy Club. This caused her to cry and run back home, and was shown to be crying the next morning, when she thought that Keiki was moving further away from her.


Sayuki dressed as a maid (anime:episode 3)

Yuika Koga Edit

Sayuki and Yuika are always at odds against one another and appear to have a rivalry for an unknown reason. They are polar opposites in appearance and personality. They enjoy picking on one another and compete for Keiki to an extent as they are shown to get jealous over the other if Keiki does anything with them, especially Yuika.

They are at odds due to them both claiming ownership over Keiki when they first met Yuika as his master and Sayuki as his pet.

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  • "It's my first time, so please be gentle"
  • "I'm leaving my mark"

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